Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy, designed by Nicklaus Design and built by Southwest Greens, boasts a state-of-the-art three-story driving range and a 6-hole course, including magnificent water features and a short game area all aimed at opening the game of golf up to the young and keen adult beginners.

Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Hong Kong
Golfer at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Hong Kong

The facility is located in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong, known for its stunning natural countryside. In addition to its unique golf facilities, it also has overnight accommodation, dining, a fitness center, and other leisure pursuits. Southwest Greens built the entire golf facility with its market-leading synthetic turf systems, thus ensuring stunning playing conditions 24/7, 12 months of the year.

“We have a complete product range of synthetic turf systems covering every conceivable area on a golf course, whether it be fairways, rough, tees, bunker areas, cart paths, lake bank stabilization, and, of course, the core product being our PRO System golf green surfaces,” explains Kevin Holinaty, of Southwest Greens

Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Hong Kong

In addition, the facility features full Academy facilities managed by Nicklaus Academies. “With the variety of synthetic turf surfaces from Southwest Greens, the Nicklaus Academy simulates the finest conditions possible – without the potential of damaging the environment with fertilizers and pesticides,” says Ted Simons, COO for Nicklaus Academies.

Designed by golf course architect Jim Wagner of Nicklaus Design, the development ensures that the very most is made out of the space available while at the same time ensuring that new golfers, as well as those more experienced, are fulfilled by their experience.

“Our client has provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the relationships that Mr. Nicklaus has forged over the years between Nicklaus Design, Nicklaus Academies, and Southwest Greens,” says Wagner.

“From early on in the project, we had a vision to create a product that was not only unique but pioneering in the development of golf. The partnerships and relationships that exist within the Nicklaus Companies, as well as our client’s trust in our recommendations, have allowed us to create that product innovatively and excitingly, incorporating a high level of teaching and operations with state-of-the-art synthetic surfaces that eliminate fertilizers and pesticides and preserve an ideal ball reaction.”


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