Golf Compact de Louvigny, Caen, France

Louvigny Compact Golf is nestled in the small French community of Louvigny, near Caen in lower Normandy. Built in 2009 as a new approach to attracting new golfers and bringing more entertainment to the concept of playing golf, it has certainly delivered its promise.

Golf Compact de Louvigny Putting, Caen, France
Golf Compact de Louvigny Practice, Caen, France

This facility, a notable case study for a compact golf course, has garnered attention in France and Europe. Designed by golf course architect Stuart Hallett, the 6-hole course features a putting green, chipping green, and a full-service driving range. Southwest Greens maintains a strong working relationship with Hallett. The tees and greens on the course utilize Southwest Greens' synthetic systems, with tee lines and target greens also employing Southwest Green’s appropriate turf systems.

The basic concept behind the facility is to allow golfers of all abilities to play in a non-threatening environment, in a social setting with pleasant clubhouse and bar facilities. A compact 6-hole course, with 4 par 3s and 2 par 4s, allows the golfer to get a round of 6 holes in an hour. This type of concept has caught on favorably with the local business community.

Golf Compact de Louvigny, Caen, France
Golf Compact de Louvigny, Caen, France

Players interested in extended play can easily complete 12 or 18 holes by replaying the course. Since its establishment in 2009, this facility has served as an exemplary model for the French golfing community, showcasing the possibilities of a compact setup. Including synthetic components has significantly streamlined the management and maintenance of the course, contributing to its success.

““I have collaborated with Southwest Greens on numerous occasions. I was impressed with the comprehensive approach, organized planning, reliability, the work ethic, and the attention to detail during the installation. The combination produces a quality product which, in my opinion, is second to none.”” -Stuart Hallett of Hallett Golf Design


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