(KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia) - Southwest Greens, the leader in synthetic landscape and turf solutions, has created a streetscape that is turning heads in Malaysia, and around the world. Southwest Greens Malaysia completed installation of the artificial grass project at Platinum Sentral, the largest commercial development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The result is the culmination of three months of work and nearly 31,000 square feet of several types of turf. The turf is segmented along a vertical wall adjacent to the street at the magnificent Platinum Sentral complex.

“We’re proud of this project,” said Nadin Ibrahim, President of Southwest Greens Malaysia. “Platinum Sentral was an undertaking that pushed the limits of design and working alongside the street made this a very exciting site. Our work will be a stand out for visitors as well as become a landmark in its own right.” Mr. Ibrahim went on to note that the original initiative as proposed five years ago included live plant material which eventually died.

Nadin recognized the value of a unique, sustainable synthetic grass material that would make the vertical wall project succeed without maintenance. Platinum Sentral is a city within a city, representing an exclusive urban center built around Malaysia’s largest transit hub, whose infrastructure supports six major rail lines. The development houses office towers and business suites, five-star international hotels, luxury condominiums, and a shopping mall. Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad is the master developer of Platinum Sentral.

"Our systems are being used in commercial projects that almost defy imagination and make an undeniable impact on the overall aesthetic. We are seeing more of our franchises engaged with artificial turf projects that go well beyond traditional applications.”

The concept for the project was developed by renowned architect Dr. Kisho Kurokawa. “When it comes to synthetic turf for golf and landscape, Southwest Greens represents the highest quality,” said Kyle Ehman, President of Southwest Greens International.