May 26, 2020


Owning a dog doesn’t mean you must give up your dream of having a lush, green lawn. You simply need the right type of lawn. Synthetic turf counters a number of canine activities known to plague pet owners.

  • Brown spots: Your pet’s urine has a high nitrogen load and pH level, which tends to burn grass and leave unsightly brown spots. With synthetic grass, you don’t have to put up with a spotted yard any longer since artificial grass fibers are not prone to discoloration when they come in contact with pet waste.
  • Maintenance: The completely permeable, nonabsorbent backing of artificial grass allows it to drain better and cleaner than real grass. That means it’s possible to clean spills and pet waste by simply rinsing the area with a water hose. Artificial grass is inorganic, so it does not require water to sustain a green, lush appearance all year round. It also never needs to be cut.
  • Messes: Eliminating heavy watering and mowing also means your dog will never track in mud or grass clippings from your yard. In this way, an effortlessly clean yard also promotes a spotless house.
  • Digging: Unlike natural grass with individual blades growing from the soil, artificial turf has a backing that holds all the fibers together. This deters your pet from digging in the backyard and ruining your landscaping.
  • Pests: The inherently antimicrobial and hypoallergenic surface of artificial turf means that ants, ticks and fleas aren’t interested in living in your yard. No pests in the yard, no pests for your dog to bring inside your home.

In addition to making pet ownership easier, synthetic grass extends extra benefits to barefooted loved ones

  • Safe, nontoxic fibers and infill that last a lifetime
  • Chemical-free maintenance to protect your pet’s health
  • Cushioned infill for a safer place to run and play
  • Drastically reduced maintenance and watering bills
  • Lush, natural-looking color that won’t fade in the sun
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • HydroChill™ technology that makes for the coolest artificial grass in the community

Whether you have children, tiny toy breeds or massive mastiffs, Southwest Greens is the best source for family- and pet-friendly artificial turf that stays beautiful all year round.