June 07, 2023

Southwest Greens proudly presents a cutting edge breakthrough in eco-friendly infill for artificial turf that’s safe for pets: K9 Sand. This extraordinary product not only boasts a 100% organic composition, but it’s also eco-conscious and carbon-negative, actively absorbing more carbon from the atmosphere than is required for extracting it. Read on to learn more about K9 Sand for pet turf!



The carbon-negative property has earned K9 Sand a prestigious negative carbon footprint certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of using K9 Sand in your turf system.

K9 Sand is recognized for its round, hard, and uniformly shaped grains, carefully selected to elevate performance (see Figure 1). Responsibly harvested from naturally existing and regenerative deposits on the ocean shelf, K9 Sand ensures long-term ecological balance. Southwest Greens utilizes eco-friendly extraction practices, harvesting less than 10% of the total amount renewed each year. This commitment to environmental stewardship ensures that our 100% natural and green turf infill remains in harmony with nature.

K9 Sand Closeup
Figure 1: Grains of K9 Sand

Once you get a bag of our K9 Sand, you will appreciate its tiny and uniform grain size, which makes installation a breeze. The round and uniform shape of the grains creates tiny voids between neighboring particles, greatly improving water drainage. Moreover, the gentle shape of K9 Sand lessens wear and tear on artificial grass fibers over time.

The hardness and dustless nature of K9 Sand guarantee a long-lasting and reliable infill solution. But the advantages keep going — K9 Sand also keeps the turf surface cool. Each grain of K9 Sand is made up of tiny pores that retain water. As the surface temperature rises, the water in these microscopic openings is released, which provides cooling through evaporation and reducing the temperature by approximately 20°F compared to typical turf infills. With its high bulk density (106 lbs/ft³), K9 Sand ensures ideal ballast, preventing wrinkling and maintaining a flawless appearance.



When it comes to caring for the environment, K9 Sand stands head and shoulders above its competition. It is non-toxic, doesn’t have any heavy metals and plastics, and embodies an unyielding devotion to the health of our planet. Even better, K9 Sand offers special characteristics that make it the perfect infill solution for artificial grass for pets. It significantly reduces the odor of urine (see Figure 2).

K9 Sand Ammonia Graphic
Figure 2: Volatilization of ammonia using K9 Sand vs. Silica Sand

Urine’s smell comes from the volatilization of ammonia. K9 Sand deals with this issue by stopping the hydrolysis of ammonia in urine. Additionally, K9 Sand suppresses the growth of bacteria, similar to other turf infills with anti-microbial additives (see Figure 3). These remarkable benefits are attained without the need for any additives or coatings — K9 Sand is simply extracted from the ocean, meticulously cleaned, and sent to your doorstep.

K9 Sand Bacteria Graphic
Figure 3: ATCC 25922 test protocol results for determining microbial activity


With its renewable and carbon-negative nature, exceptional drainage capabilities, cooling effect, and pet-safe qualities, K9 Sand represents a innovative choice for your artificial turf system. Experience the difference that our commitment to quality and sustainability can make in elevating your outdoor spaces. Request a free consult today!