Innovation that Draws a Crowd

Southwest Greens: Innovation that Draws a Crowd

Whether it’s a new installation in front of a neighbor’s home or a recent unveiling outside a big business in town, synthetic turf tends to draw a crowd. Artificial grass has been around for years, but improvements in its realistic look and feel make onlookers do a double take. They wonder to themselves, “Is that real grass, or is it artificial?” Numerous recent innovations are the reason most people can’t tell the difference.

  • Advanced in-fill materials: Southwest Greens has invested time and money into researching and developing the best artificial turf in-fill. Rounded silica sand is the primary material, which is resistant to compaction and won’t harden over time. Crushed rubber in-fill is also present in synthetic turf used for lawns and play areas to add cushion.
  • Various turf products for different applications: Yards, playgrounds, pet areas, golf greens, sports fields and indoor installations: each application affects the type of turf you should use. Climate, expected surface traffic and your personal preference also affect your choice. Southwest Greens offers a variety of thoroughly researched turf products to meet every possible need.
  • Realistic look and feel: Southwest Greens uses turf fibers made from polypropylene, a material that beautifully replicates the look and feel of real grass. Long, natural-looking blades rustle in the wind and show off their contrasting shades of green, which closely mimic the shades found in natural lawns. Choose the color that best matches the grass growing in your area for a look that will really turn heads.
  • Durable construction: Synthetic turf is engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions. The fibers are UV resistant and come with a warranty to cover fading. Plus, excellent drainage prevents pooling and acts as a hygienic solution to pet waste. Impressively, Southwest Greens’ original installations from back in 1996 continue to have the rich green color and natural-looking texture they had the day they were installed.

Southwest Greens uses only the most advanced fibers and in-fill materials on the market. No matter what synthetic grass application you have in mind, we can custom design your project based on your specific needs. Once installed, you’ll realize that artificial turf truly is better than the real thing.

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