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Why Hotels are In The Know

Hotels are often ahead of the game when it comes to choosing which advancements are best for furthering their business. Why is it that hotels are in the know regarding lucrative innovations such as synthetic turf?
Hotels Comprise a Fast-Growing Industry
Many businesses suffered through the economic downturn. However, leisure travelers continued to stay at hotels every year of the recession. Today, with the economy is full recovery mode, hotels remain one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.
Hotels Know a Good Investment When They See One
With the money left over from going “lean” during the recession, hotels have the necessary capital to invest in cost-saving, brand-differentiating initiatives. The best investments have both immediate and long-term financial benefits. To take advantage of these opportunities, hotels must be willing to make an upfront investment today.
Synthetic turf is one of those investments that many hotels are scrutinizing closely. It offers incredible financial savings in terms of maintenance and watering costs, as well as environmental benefits that make hotels more appealing to the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.
Hotels Have Interest in Green Solutions
Many eco-friendly alternatives are considered “green” because they conserve energy and other natural resources. Any business that invests in conservation efforts is considered very fashionable. Hotels must be fashionable to attract visitors, so green solutions become a major part of most hotel business plans.
Like any other investment in eco-friendly technology, synthetic turf from Southwest Greens requires upfront capital. Hotels know how to budget for this important investment today to achieve a more eco-friendly tomorrow.
Hotels Understand the Importance of Upscale Amenities
A hotel’s ability to receive positive customer feedback extends well beyond the bed linens and room service. What about facilitating a satisfying experience for guests spending time outside on the grounds?
With synthetic grass, outdoor events are more enjoyable as larger portions of grassy areas can be utilized without damaging the turf. The ability to avoid mowing the lawn also enhances guest experience by eliminating noise pollution. In addition, guests feel greater pride in their hotel choice if the landscaping is attractive and the grass is always green, a feat that synthetic turf achieves effortlessly with no watering required.

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