Being Green is Easy

With Southwest Greens, Being Green has Never Been Easier

Everyone wants a green lawn. Whether you’re admiring its lush appearance from afar or enjoying the feel of the blades between your toes, a green lawn is a pleasure. Unfortunately, maintaining that pleasure can be an environmental nightmare, especially in dry climates.
As a business owner attempting to adopt “green” practices, you may be tempted to not water your grass. However, a parched lawn surrounding your building becomes an eyesore, giving onlookers a bad impression of your company. What’s a business owner to do?
The solution to this dilemma is to install artificial turf from Southwest Greens. There’s no easier way to be green. How is synthetic grass greener than the real thing? Let’s count the ways.

  • Water conservation: Millions of gallons of drinkable water are dumped on lawns across America every year just to keep them green. All synthetic grass requires is an occasional rinse to remove dust, and it sustains a beautiful appearance all year round.
  • Less pollution: Depending on whether you use a push or riding lawn mower, cutting the grass pumps 11 to 34 times more pollution into the air in one hour than a car. Since artificial turf doesn’t grow, it eliminates the greenhouse gases and noise pollution associated with lawn mowing.
  • Zero-chemical maintenance: It’s difficult to maintain a natural grass lawn without fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides applied at just the right time of year. Many times, the lawn is over saturated with chemicals. Then, when the rain comes, chemically laden storm runoff enters the area’s lakes, streams and drinking water. The ability to avoid this mess with artificial turf is very green indeed.
  • 100 percent recyclable: While artificial grass can last a lifetime, eventually it comes time to replace it. When that happens, the entire lawn is recycled, from the long grassy fibers to the sand and rubber infill. Compare that to grass clippings, which the EPA estimates is the third-largest component of municipal solid waste in landfills, and it’s clear which option is greener.

Have you noticed something about many of these benefits? They’re not only good for the environment; they also involve less time-consuming and expensive maintenance. Clearly, with Southwest Greens, being green has never been easier! 

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