Did You Know?

Southwest Greens has an exclusive network of certified installation based franchisees worldwide using only the highest grade of synthetic turf construction and yarn on the market.


As the leader in research and development in the synthetic turf industry, Southwest Greens has tested numerous U/V packages throughout the years and refuse to use anything except the best ingredients. Southwest Greens U/V packages have undergone natural element testing in Phoenix, AZ and Miami, FL, and the commitment to being the best is unwavering. The U/V packages are also proprietary and the proper package assists in:


  • Resisting fading
  • Resisting losing vibrancy of color
  • Resisting in color degradation

The synthetic turf industry is consistently scrutinized by the media with regards to heavy metals being contained in turf. All of Southwest Greens International turf products are classified as “Heavy Metal Safe” which means there are minimal amount of any Heavy Metal in the turf.


  • Southwest Greens takes maximum care to ensure that its products do not have any harmful effects on public health or the environment

In regards, to the golf green products all Southwest Greens surfaces retain superior performance characteristics and ball roll, even after extensive use. Additionally, the turf blades return to standing position after play on athletic fields and landscape products. Consistently exposing the tips of the fibers reduces the wear of the turf, as individuals are playing on the tips rather than the sides of the yarn – which increases longevity. Additionally, exposing the tips of the fibers instead of the sides reduces U/V damage and decreases probability of the turf breaking down.


For more information on Southwest Greens and our lines of product, please contact us at 877-260-7888 or by completing our online form.

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